Goal of the project

Based on analysis and user testing, prepare a modern web site that will respect the rules of Internet shopping. The number one aim was for it to be user orientated, but it was also important how the information was arranged and being accessible. It was important to find an equilibrium between usage and entertainment, which will make the shopping experience easier and more convenient.

Description of the solution

After three years of functioning we had agreed to redesign the Neoluxor e-shop. From the information we gained from the original pages, we made the navigation easier and also the ability to put the most relevant contact on the main page. There was a big emphasis on the effectiveness of search and the steps needed to order books more easily. With reference to front-end changes, the CMS was upgraded.

My work on this project

I was the main consultant for the project Neoluxor. I collaborated on the design and was also responsible for all front-end production (HTML/CSS and JavaScript development) of this site with emphasis on schematics and validity of the code. I also had a significant part in the design in the user accomplishments in the contests, which would hopefully increase the amount of returning customers. I also provided advice in the scope of search engine optimization (SEO) and the paid campaign for search engine marketing (SEM) in Google AdWords.