Goal of the project

Our company was asked to provide Garanti Bank, one of the biggest in Turkey, with their first Public facing website. All content was to be available in 2 languages and generated entirely from CMS (including graphical text, promotions and interactive elements).

Description of the solution

A sophisticated look was established, aligned with the existing brand and the client's reputation for high-end, technology-driven service. The CSS was designed to work with all CMS output and for a potential lack of JavaScript support while the semantic HTML optimised all the content for SEO. Command-line tools and base64 encoding were also used for performance optimization including compression of JS, CSS & Images.

My work on this project

As a part of LBi London I was responsible for all HTML templates and majority of CSS as well as organization of structure for both. I was one of a two-man team who produced the whole of the front-end for the project. A special attention was paid on mark up validity and accessibility as well as assets performance.