Goal of the project

The project was divided into two separated stages. First one aimed to create a new social-networking based application where small business could create their own personalised microsite for free. The goal of next stage focused on usage of Amazon online shopping technology to advance the project's potential.

Description of the solution

This was a pure-Agile project, and over several months we build many layers of functionality to allow registration, maintenance of microsites, mapping support with Bing maps, extensive use of lightboxes and AJAX. In the second step we were integrating our templates with Amazon's WebStore technology, closely cooperating with developers from Amazon's side.

My work on this project

For this project I was responsible for writing HTML, CSS and extensive JavaScript on what was an AJAX-heavy application. I was involved working closely with other members of LBi's Interface Development team as well as with client and colleagues in different disciplines and third parties.